Indonesian army displays Mekatronic 81mm mortar

590 81mm mortar, a weapon with autoloader much appreciated by its users (Army Recognition)

The Indonesian army is both happy s electric and proud to provide explanations about its new 81mm mortar with autoloader. The system weighs 825 kg.

The hydraulic autoloader is powered by a 24 volts DC engine that also serves to make the mortar turn with a 360° radius.

IndoDefence 2018 Indonesia army displays Mekatronic 81mm mortar 3A surprising asset is that the movements of the mortar are implemented simply with a common Android smartphone loaded with the appropriate software. The minimum elevation is 45° and the maximum one is 83°. The rate of fire turns around 5 rounds per minute.

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This fully indigenous mortar is the result of a project launched in 2016. Most probably, the trailer used to display the mortar for road transportation is not the actual model the army will purchase, as it could not be used offroad.

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