DMG Supplies Two Sukhoi Engine for Indonesia

DMG Technology Holdings signed an Agreement with Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia of the Indonesian Air Force [Kabar Militer]

DMG Technology Holdings is the rapidly growing company and has signed an exclusive contracts with Indonesian Air Force for equipment acquisition.

The contract covers equipment supply for twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircrafts SU-27 and SU-30 designed by Sukhoi company JSC. The first part of the agreement will be closed on October of 2016 and will continue in 2017.

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DMG Technology Holdings is currently servicing Sukhoi SU-27/30, MiG-29, Mil Mi-8/17/171 type aircrafts. As of January 2015 DMG TH will commence spare parts services for Mil Mi helicopters family, and start preparations for maintenance work on Anton AN-32.

By increasing scope and quality of services provided, DMG Technology Holdings has created the strong maintenance base and has won the trust of clients from South America and Asia Pacific. We are proud that Indonesian Air Force has chosen DMG group for their aircraft maintenance.

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