Market Potential of Tata Armoured Vehicles in Indonesia

Tata Motors and PT Pindad Sign a MoUSigning MoU between Pindad and Tata (

With an aim to explore market potential of Tata Armoured Vehicles in Indonesia and other agreed regions of ASEAN, Tata Motors and PT Pindad have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation.

PT Pindad is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise specializing in military and commercial products. The MoU between the two organisations will review the practicality of locally assembling Tata Armoured Vehicles at PT Pindad’s facility. The said facility is located in Bandung, West Java province of Indonesia.

Since 1958, Tata Motors has been in the business of manufacturing trucks and buses. Also, they have a strong presence in manufacturing defence and military vehicles and has been actively participating in peacekeeping missions across the globe. Tata Motors has created a focused division to design and develop defence technologies and products at its facilities in Jamshedpur and Pune.

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PT Pindad provides the main weapon systems (Alat Utama Sistem Senjata or Alutsista) required to support independence in defence and security of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, PT Pindad (Persero) also produces several industrial products for other aspects such as transportation and commercial explosives. Its activities cover design, development, engineering and fabrication as well as maintenance.

For self-reliance in the area of combat vehicles, Tata Motors has laid emphasis on the development of combat vehicle technologies and systems, with the aim of empowering defence forces with breakthrough technologies, for high mobility, fire power and protection.

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Specification of Kestrel 8×8 (team-bhp)

Commenting on the occasion, Biswadev Sengupta, President Director of Tata Motors Indonesia, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd – Agent licensee (APM) of Tata Motors brand in Indonesia, said that this milestone is important for Tata Motors’ operations in Indonesia and is a matter of pride to be able to co-operate with PT Pindad, which is held in high esteem by the Indonesian community. Sengupta expressed that he is sure that through this arrangement, the company can create a lot of value in Indonesia, a market which they are committed to in the long term.

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He further added that the foray into the defense business in Indonesia, is in continuation with the strides made in the logistics business in the country, where more than 3000 Tata vehicles are already on the road, covering Pickups, Light Trucks, Buses and Heavy Trucks. 



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