PT Dirgantara in talks with Philippine Air Force for more NC212i orders

PT Dirgantara in talks with Philippine Air Force for more NC212i orders
A model of the NC212i on display at Indo Defence 2018. [IHS Markit/Ridzwan Rahmat] ★

State-owned aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is in talks with the Philippine Air Force (PAF) over possible follow-on orders for the NC212i light utility turboprop transport aircraft, an official from the company has told Jane’s.

The service requires at least four to six more airframes under the Light-Lift Fixed Wing Aircraft (LLFWA) requirement and PTDI has positioned the NC212i as the most suitable candidate for the programme given commonality and scalability with earlier airframes, said Dadhik Kresnadi, PTDI’s manager for market penetration and networking.

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“The aircraft type is very suitable for the Philippine Air Force’s requirements as it is very versatile and can be configured quickly for a number of missions, including troop transport, paratrooper dropping, medical evacuation, cargo transport, and maritime surveillance,” said Kresnadi.

More importantly, the aircraft can also take off and land from austere airstrips, which allows the PAF to reach more remote areas across the Philippines archipelago, he added.

PTDI delivered two NC212i airframes to the PAF in June 2018. A PHP814 million (USD18.3 million) contract for the aircraft was signed by PTDI and the Philippines government in 2014. So far, the PAF is satisfied with the aircraft’s performance and PTDI is confident of follow-on orders, said Kresnadi.

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