[Video] New Generation Medium Tank

New Generation Medium Tank ✈️

The Medium tank is the first produced tank under development by Pindad and Turkish Company, FNSS. Medium Tank equipped with the latest generation turret from CMI Defense. Medium Tank has the latest ballistic defense capability and anti-mine threat. It Have high firing power, high accuracy, a wide selection of ammunition, superior tactical and strategic mobility. Medium Tank have passed the tests from Dislitbangad (TNI AD Research & Development Unit), including mine blast test, mobility, performance, endurance and firing test.

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The Medium Tank is equipped with the latest technology, such as a self-awareness system, hunter killer system, passive protection (laser warning system), battle management system, and protection up to level 5. Medium tank turrets have an autoloader mechanism with 12 bullets in the turret and 26 items reserve bullets in the hull.

The Pindad medium tank weighs 30 tons, power to weight ratio 24 HP / ton, maximum speed of more than 70 km / hour, can accommodate 3 crew members consisting of commanders, shooters and drivers, and has a main weapon of 105 mm turret has a large destructive power.

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This Modern Medium Weight Tank introduced to public at Indonesian’s army anniversary 2017 and better known at Indodefence 2018. Now Pindad is ready for mass production of the medium Tank to fulfill Indonesian Army (TNI) needs and Export.

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