Negotiation about BT-3F with Indonesia is Under Way

Given that the OCD is in the military’s interest, when is it planned to complete preliminary tests of BT-3F?
– Factory testing is planned to be completed next year.

The combat module “Tit”, which you installed on BMD-4M – is the one from which Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov fired at the time?
– Not certainly in that way. He shot a prototype, which was made, you can say, “on the knee.” “Titmouse” was created from scratch – the technical assignment of the Ministry of Defense was issued to it, the product is now being pre-tested.

What are the main differences from the module “Bakhcha-U”, which is now on BMD-4M?
– The main difference is, of course, unification with BMP-3. Unified power block and undercarriage of the car, now we unify the fighting compartment. In addition, our module is cheaper than “Bahci” and has the ability to fire on air targets through the commander’s sight.

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Are there any further plans for upgrading the BMP-3?
– We do not share these products, since the further direction of unification simultaneously determines the direction of modernization. Roughly speaking, having installed the commander’s panoramic sight on the “Tit”, we automatically plan to install it on BMP-3.

Foreign customers are interested in such modernization, first of all the UAE, who evaluated such a possibility of modernization, and this will be useful for our army.

What are the tests of “Kurganets-25”?
– As you know, now we are conducting preliminary tests. The fact is that the machine is new, so every node and element requires its own kind of tests. Running trials are underway, the next stage is firing, then special tests.

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“What’s this?”
– This test determines the security of the product.

“So they’ll shoot at her?”
– Without fail.

What is the line of cars on the platform “Kurganets-25”?
– In the future, it is planned to install on this platform all types of weapons that are suitable for carrying capacity and type, as well as in accordance with the wishes of the customer. This will be a large line, so it’s difficult to limit the list to a specific one.

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The idea of ​​the Ministry of Defense is to make unified platforms of all classes. If we talk about wheeled vehicles, this is “Boomerang”, if the light and medium tracked – “Kurganets”, and if it’s heavy, it’s “Armata”.

What other OCD do you lead?
– “In principle, these are the cars that we talked about, plus the work on improving the BMP-3 is being carried out, in particular, the Ataka complex of guided weapons is being installed on it. In addition, work is underway to improve the security of this machin


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